Overcoming your Saboteur

insecurityEvery issue we have in life comes down to four areas we may feel we are lacking in and they are: whether we experience love or fear; having feelings of significance or insignificance in life’s situations; having feelings of security or insecurity; and about our belief structures or unhealthy control patterns. In the above stated feelings of lack, please think about a past experience which you regret in relation to the above areas. What possible benefit is there for you in holding onto any of these past feelings?

It is not all our fault! When we were a child under eight years old, we observed the behaviors of adults and mimicked them. We asked many questions as a child because we did not understand why we were supposed to do things in a certain way. That adult mindset we encountered as a child upset our natural way of learning. We absorbed all the habit behaviors of those who cared for us. As we started to formulate more understanding and comprehension after eight years old by going to school, we had to learn “what” to think instead of our natural and unique mindset of being creative and being in the present. We learned a lot of things that we thought would make us successful and to fit into the crowd.

If we did not continue to think and learn the way others expected us to be, we then realized we would be judged and possibly pushed out of a group we wanted to belong to. Some things like being a good citizen and obey laws are good things. However, the feelings of shame, judgement onto others, resistance, jealousy, and other negative type issues, we lose our choice to decide for ourselves what the best direction would be for our life’s goals. When we resist the “herd” mentality and to think differently, we find our ego will resist that change and it will try to take over your freedom to think as you did as a child. Your ego lives in the past and does not like change and will put up roadblocks to your natural mindset of success that we put away long ago.

If you want to be more productive and wealthy in whatever that means to you, you may need to wipe away the junk out of your mind so you can go towards your desires and put in its place another unique success mindset like you used when you learned to walk. Remember back when your parents saw you take your first step and how they reacted with joy. They knew they could not teach you all the movements it takes to walk. And once you did learn to walk, we did not have the adult fears of when we fell that we would get hurt. We just knew we had freedom to move about and to discover. Once our caretakers wanted to “protect” us by restricting our movements because they thought we might get hurt, etc., we learned their fearful nature and we felt controlled from exploring the small world we lived in. We continued to resist their fears until we learned for ourselves that when we fell and got hurt that we developed a sense that we should not do that particular activity again. This is just a simple example of how our ego learns to keep us safe from the past lessons we unconsciously learned from our caretakers and it may be time to get past the ego and to try to advance our minds to new goals and desires.

Do you want to let go of the past and stop living with regret from all the conditioning we had from the time we were eight and older? That can be accomplished by tossing away your resentments and regrets of your past which will increase your energy levels by at least 20 percent or more once you get past your ego driven state to “accepting what is” in the present state of being.

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The Heart of the Matter

heart diseaseHeart disease is the number one killer in America. Almost 12 million Americans use cholesterol medication to tackle it. Looking at a different way to treat heart disease, we have to overcome the need to go to a doctor and get a prescription for cholesterol. Cholesterol is not the problem. It is naturally made by the liver to heal tears in the arteries to keep the blood flowing or else we will bleed to death or not have enough blood pressure to nourish the heart muscle. Looking at a different way to treat heart disease, we have to look at the blood. You would not want to clean your dishes with muddy water, would you?

Most doctors still try to cure heart disease without clean blood. In most cases, heart disease isn’t caused by faulty arteries, but rather by problems in your blood. Up to 85 percent of heart attacks are caused by blood clots that broke away because of the coagulation, or lack of free flowing blood, due to inflammation. It is really infection and inflammation that causes heart attacks. You cannot treat infection and inflammation with surgery. That is why heart surgery patients don’t have significant reduction in heart attacks or cardiac-related deaths.

Treating inflammation can turn your blood cells into a disease cleansing arsenal. Taking three supplements, along with an anti-inflammatory diet, with no side effects include Wobenzym, Rutozym and zeolite.

Taking a daily supplement of Wobenzym is like taking aspirin, but with no side effects. Wobenzym is made from several enzymes found naturally in plants and animals. Aspirin hospitalizes about 76,000 people per year and kills another 16,500 people per year and can cause severe kidney problems and gastrointestinal problems. Chronic aspirin use often leads to bleeding and ulcers. Enzymes, such as with this particular supplement, are basically the motors that make chemical reactions go. You need them if you want to make anything happen in your body. Your entire metabolism depends on enzymes, as does almost every other physiological process.

Rutozym, the other enzyme first discovered in fermented tofu in Japan, dissolves away any hidden blood clots. It is more potent than the clot-busting intravenous drugs used in the hospital and it is completely safe. In lab tests under a microscope, this substance searches the blood and breaks down dangerous clots that your doctor may not even be able to find. It was developed by Dr. Karl Ransberger after a trip to Japan. He isolated the enzyme nattokinase, which is found in fermented soy cheese and added several other anti-inflammatory enzymes.

By taking these two enzymes simultaneously you decrease overall inflammation around the body, ensure that inflammatory responses are quick, targeted and maximally efficient, increases the strength of the blood vessels themselves and to remove plaque buildup. It is the plaque that you cannot see that kills 50 percent of Americans.

Literally, we are eating heavy metals every day in our food, drinks and in the air we breathe. To protect against poisoning, our body traps as much of these metals as it can with calcium deposits and stores them in our arterial walls. That means we have an excess of these protective calcium deposits that have hardened our arteries. The formation of calcium deposits impairs the elasticity and severely disrupts circulation. Heavy metals, like lead and mercury, are a major cause of inflammation. Using a substance made from a volcanic rock called zeolite is a negatively charged mineral which pulls heavy metals out of the calcium in your arteries, traps them perfectly in its chambers and transports them safely out of your body. This is called chelation.

By using all three of these items, you can turn your blood from slow flowing to a fast flowing disease fighting machine. For more information, please contact me at deb.bartz.82@gmail.com.

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Cholesterol and Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

CholesterolEggs and many other foods high in cholesterol such as dairy, meats and seafood have always been an important part of a healthy diet, regardless of what the government or their co-dependent “experts” may say on any given day. Recently, the government admitted its decade’s long advice to avoid cholesterol was just a big, fat medical myth. So now the rule followers can “safely” put eggs back on their plates. But even with this recent reversal, most government health experts still lag so far behind in their understanding of cholesterol.

In fact, a recent lab study published in Nature Medicine shows cholesterol increases production of a critical component in the nervous system. This study also suggests cholesterol may even help prevent the onset of brain diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s dementia. For this study, researchers started with mice bred in the lab to develop the serious nervous system disorder called Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease (PMD). This cruel disease disrupts myelin production in mice, and in humans. Myelin is the fatty sheath that covers and protects (insulates) nerve endings. Myelin sheaths allow your nerves to effectively send and receive electrical signals that prompt movement, thinking, and other neurological functions. But in PMD patients (as well as MS patients), the myelin sheath breaks down, which impairs normal nervous system functioning, such as motor coordination and cognition.

Cholesterol is absolutely critical for producing and maintaining myelin sheaths. Without it, you run a much higher risk of developing brain degeneration and neurological illnesses, such as PMD and MS. For this study, researchers wanted to see if cholesterol treatment could help slow myelin degeneration. They found what they were looking for!

After the researchers bred the mice to develop PMD on a high-cholesterol diet and after six weeks, the mice stopped experiencing cognitive decline. Moreover, their myelin content increased, inflammation decreased, and their motor defects improved. Even after the onset of clinical symptoms, cholesterol treatment prevented disease progression. The researchers say that you can absolutely apply these findings to humans.

Cholesterol is critical to human health. It interlocks lipid molecules, which stabilize cell membranes and not just in brain and nerve tissues. Cholesterol is a vital building block for all the tissues in the body. So if you follow a low-cholesterol diet or take cholesterol-lowering drugs, you can significantly harm your health. Of course, mainstream medicine ridiculously dubbed statins as “miracle drugs.” But by stripping the body of cholesterol, and blocking the liver’s natural function of producing cholesterol, statin drugs cause serious nervous system and brain damage. So the only “miracle” is the drug’s systematic destruction of your tissues, your cells, and your brain.

Some cardiologists admit to the damage statins can cause, but they say it’s a fair “trade off.” Yes, the drugs increase your risk of developing dementia, Type II diabetes, kidney failure, cataracts and others. But the risk is “worth it” because the drugs lower your heart disease risk. As George V. Mann, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry at Vanderbilt University, stated, “Saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet are not the cause of coronary heart disease. That myth is the greatest scientific deception of the century, perhaps of any century.” These drugs’ only benefits are to big pharma’s bottom line.

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Toxic Stress

stressThere is one thing on this planet that can heal just about any problem in your life and that is the immune healing systems of the body. However, there is one thing that will turn off that one thing-toxic stresses. It is responsible for almost 95 percent of illness and disease. The remaining five percent is genetic and caused by stress somewhere in your ancestry at the cellular levels. There may have been a time when just eating well and getting a few minutes of exercise every day was enough, but those days are gone. Staying healthy is an active pursuit. What many people are realizing is that they need to be proactive and consciously taking the extra step to ensure their own good health. We are living in a world with a constant barrage of toxic assault from the pollution in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the products we bathe in, the clothes we wear, the homes we live in, and even our food. With the right information from trusted sources, we can make changes in our lives that lessen our exposure and teach us how to purge what we cannot avoid from our bodies through detoxification.

Unfortunately, for many of us, there are toxins that pose possibly even greater threats to our livelihood and our health. These toxins are especially insidious because we can’t see, smell or taste them. We never know when these toxins may arise to poison us and they are different for each of us. It can be difficult to determine their source, but their effects on our health can be immediate, or culminate in chronic disease after years of exposure. The insidious danger I am referring to is toxic emotion. Before you dismiss the very real danger and effect toxic emotions have on your well-being, let me tell you there are many prestigious universities like Harvard and Mayo Clinic who agree that emotional toxins such as stress, anxiety, sadness, deep frustration, loneliness, helplessness and anger can indeed affect your thoughts, feelings, behavior and, ultimately, your health. For example, stress even appears to impair the clearance of fat molecules from the body. With all the environmental toxins and toxic stress it is no wonder that obesity has become such an epidemic!

With the mind-body connection being so strong, that your emotions may be the main culprit behind low sex drive, sleep problems, extreme fatigue, headaches, anxiety, irritability, digestive issues, skin problems, drug or alcohol use, eating disorders and more. Unchecked toxic emotion can contribute to serious health problems including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and even diabetes. Since even childhood with our tummy aches resulting from social and achievement related stressors, we learned to be overly critical about our own achievements and protect ourselves with our sympathetic nervous system with our “fight or flight” response in uncomfortable situations. During the “fight or flight” response, heart rate and blood pressure increase, glucose levels are raised and blood is distributed from the digestive tract to the muscles. Years of experiencing this reaction due to stress, anxiety and anger cause permanent damage to the body.

Even as adults, we have developed coping mechanisms which can develop into high blood pressure or stomach ulcers as a result of experiencing strong feelings of anxiety, stress or sadness. This is how what we are experiencing on an emotional level triggers physical health problems that often seem to have no cause. Please decide for to purge yourself of your negative toxic stresses that have accumulated through the years with alternative mind-body healing practices and self-realization techniques which are preferential to medication by detoxing these unhealthy emotions from your mind and body for the prevention of chronic diseases such as mentioned in this article.

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Adrenal Fatigue-Never Ignore These Two Signs

Adrenal FatigueAdrenal fatigue is a hard disorder to recognize. Many of the symptoms you may experience may be related to your adrenal glands which are not functioning properly. Exhaustion sets in when stress overwhelms these two glands which sit up on top of your kidneys. Your adrenal system (part of the Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system (HPA)) is responsible for all your body’s responses, both physical and mental. (I have written a more extensive newsletter which is on my website www.learnconquersoarcoaching.com). It does this by producing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones regulate the way your body stores and produces energy. They modulate your immune system, your heart rate, your muscle tone, and other biological components of the stress response. When do they happen? Whenever there is a death in the family (I felt this surge in adrenaline recently with the unexpected death of our beloved dog. As an aside, I was very happy that I did not get a flare-up of my psoriasis from being very sad and upset over the loss (see my loss and grief blog), the stress of a major surgery, or your daily commute in rush hour traffic. A healthy body’s levels of these hormones will return to normal once a perceived threat subsides. However, in the case of adrenal fatigue, your adrenal glands made up of the cortex and the medulla (inside the glands), may remain in the chronic “fight or flight” mode. Your cortisol levels soar, and your body becomes less and less sensitive to it.

Weight starts to accumulate around your mid-section even if you haven’t changed your habits. Chronically elevated cortisol levels can trigger great changes to your body in how it copes with stress, processes food, fights off illness and handles toxins. When your body stops functioning properly, chronic inflammation happens. It is harmful and inflammation is the driving force behind every debilitating disease thus far. You might have general malaise and tiredness and other vague symptoms like trouble remembering things and a poor mood. That is how it started for me; fatigue and pushing through the day thinking it would pass, but it did not. Then after a few months, I then started to get red spots on my body and the psoriasis took over my body inside and out. You might think that there are no signs of a physical illness and that you may continue your life’s travails with that persistent fatigue. Most doctors continue to diagnose it as “chronic fatigue,” which means nothing is wrong with you.

Usually there are two signs of adrenal fatigue- people suffering from this burnout depend on coffee or other forms of caffeine or stimulants to get going in the morning and to make it through the day. The second is that the person wakes up around 3 or 4 in the morning. Please take note if you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms on a daily basis: Unexplained tiredness, feeling rundown, a tough recovery from stress or sickness, cravings for salty and sweet foods, trouble waking up in the morning despite a normal bedtime, and peak energy and alertness after 6 p.m. With these signs, your adrenal glands could be suffering.

Diet is the most critical component to restoring adrenal function. Cutting out all sugars and grains are first and foremost and go for nothing but steamed vegetables and lots of animal protein. The next important thing to do is to get enough sleep every night until adrenal recovery with an optimal time of nine to ten hours. For more information about supplementing your adrenals and functional adrenal tests, please contact me at debbie@learnconquersoarcoaching.com.

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